Who are the Klaxosaurs?

Who are the Klaxosaurs?

I’m taking a step back from continuing my episode by episode analysis of Darling in the Franxx to address this one question that’s burning in my mind. If you aren’t current with the series up to episode 19, you’re in for spoilers. If you haven’t already, go take a look at my other Darling in the Franxx articles.

Who are the Klaxosaurs?

First, notice that I said who, and not what. They are definitely not creatures or monsters in the sense that we have been somewhat led to believe from the beginning of the show. But let’s go back to the beginning of the show, why don’t we?

Why are we fighting?

From the very beginning, Klaxosaurs have been introduced to us as faceless beasts that threaten humanity. We are told almost nothing about them, aside from the fact that Zero Two has Klaxosaur blood running through her veins. She has horns and she’s not human… other than that, we’ve got nothing. Our main cast jumps into the Franxx and they kick Klaxosaur ass. And let’s be honest, that’s been enough for us so far.

However, at some point, the question has to be asked.

Why are we fighting the Klaxosaurs? And why are they coming after humanity?

I believed this to be a minor “plot hole” of sorts before. Now, I don’t believe that at all. I always wondered about the Klaxosaurs, but I enjoyed the show so much that I didn’t care about it. I assumed that it would be explained eventually. Now, I believe it will be a central element of the plot. In fact, I know it will be. The path that we just started down in episode 18 is leading us to an understanding of who the Klaxosaurs are.

They Have A Queen

The Klaxosaur Queen— She looked interesting, didn’t she? Very similar to Zero Two, in fact. So similar, that I think it’s possible that they may be related somehow.

Zero Two Klaxosaur Queen Darling in the Franxx

Could she be Zero Two’s mother?

Just look at the similarity with the eyes. Zero Two has two horns and the Klaxosaur Queen has one. Regardless of whether she is Zero Two’s mother or not, they are certainly connected. And this leads to the real question, the one that I have burning in my mind.

Who are the real humans here?

There have been a lot of references from douche boy about human evolution as of late, and now there are a few things that we know.

  1. Adults don’t have reproductive organs anymore.
  2. Parasites only retain reproductive organs to pilot the Franxx.
  3. Human emotion is non-existent in the adults, it’s been wiped.
  4. As well as emotions, memories can be wiped.

It seems that through the process of “human evolution”, every single trace of authentic humanity has been taken away. At one point, apparently humans had all resigned to being one gender because it was deemed that gender was a “pain”. That scene led to one of my favorite moments in the show so far… Where Ikuno slaps the hell out of douche boy.

Darling in the Franxx Ikuno slap

Darling in the Franxx Ikuno slap

One of the few things we know about the Klaxosaur’s may actually be part of the big reveal that I believe is coming up. Klaxosaurs are killed by extracting their “core”, where the core is generally in the deepest part of the beast. One scene, from episode 15, shows a Klaxosaur core shattered open, and what is inside appears to be a human fetus.

Darling in the Franxx Klaxosaur human fetus

At the time, I didn’t know what to think. I considered that perhaps, the Klaxosuars in all of their evilness, were somehow fueled by human fetus’. And for all we currently know, that may be the case…but I don’t think so.

Papa and the Council

In the very same scene where we meet the Klaxosaur Queen for the first time, we learn that the “humans” who go to visit her don’t have real bodies. She slices them up and reveals one of their masks… and look at that, there was nothing underneath.

Darling in the Franxx Klaxosaur Queen

What is going on here?

Where We Currently Stand

I think that during the process of humanity’s “evolution”, things got way out of control. No one needs me to say that, it’s painfully obvious. But what if the Klaxosaurs are actually a sect of humanity that spawned off somewhere from this ridiculous and disgusting evolution process, and their real goal is to bring the “humanity” back to being real humans? Why did the Klaxosaur Queen call the intruders “wannabe humans”?

Darling in the Franxx Klaxosaur Queen wannabe humans

What if Zero Two has actually been more human than the rest of the adults all along? What if the adults are the true non-human monsters?

I think it is possible that the Klaxosaur Queen and her Klaxosaur army is not attempting to attack and destroy humanity. I think they’re trying to capture parasites to tell them the truth and to restart the spark of true human life. Think about it… why did the Klaxosaur attempt to capture Delphinium? And why didn’t it kill Goro while he was stuck inside?

I think we are headed toward a rebellion against Papa.

**Update: Inhumanity

After watching the most recent episode, “Inhumanity”, a few more things were made clear. My hypothesis still carries some weight, I think, however it is possible that the Klaxosaurs are some kind of ancient species that are not necessarily related to the events that occurred with humanity and the magma immortality. We also now know that Zero Two is not the Klaxosaur Queen’s daughter. Rather, she is a clone experiment made from the Klaxosaur Queen’s DNA, created by Dr. Franxx.

I think some of my points are still valid. Note that the episode was essentially about the humans becoming entirely inhuman. The question still remains. Who are the Klaxosaurs? Where did they come from? Why did they begin attacking humanity at this certain point in history without making any previous appearance? Is it because the magma is meant for their species and humanity is stealing it?

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments…do you think the Klaxosaurs might be on the right side of humanity here? What do you think is going to happen? Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and if you have any questions, head over to the contact page to send me a message. Until next time!

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  1. Eddie Wells Jr

    A lot of the key points you made I have made also. And a lot of my same questions you have I also have. But here are a few theories I think are good. Remember I think it was episode 17 how Zero Two mentioned she couldn’t have children. Since the doctor created her it could be assumed that he kept her reproductive organs in active. Because if she didn’t have them she couldn’t piolet the Franxx right? And then the way that giant hand of what appeared to be a Klaxosaurs reacted to Zero Two’s emotions. She could possible be a queen but in a dormant state. That’s what I think and if so she might be even more powerful then the current queen, now that she’s with her darling. Now relate this into hiro growing horns. I think its possible that he could be the other half of that missing link to Zero Two having children and saving humanity.

    1. Cody

      That’s a super interesting thought! I remember seeing that scene with the giant hand and just being like…. what? hah. I definitely think that together they are somehow the key to saving humanity… but I don’t know if things will play out in a way that anyone is quite expecting. From the very beginning episodes, I recall several comments that Hiro himself was also some sort of “special specimen”. From what I can remember, I don’t think they’ve ever elaborated on exactly what that was supposed to mean. Then there was the alpha nine guy who said that Zero Two was the key to saving everyone. There’s a lot of strings interwoven in the story that I’m excited to see tied together.

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