Tower of God – The Beginning of a Long Road

Tower of God – The Beginning of a Long Road

No Doubt You’ve Heard

Hey guys! No doubt you’ve heard by now about Tower of God, but if you haven’t let me tell you real quick why it’s a big deal. Regardless of whether it turns out good or if it turns out bad, it’s making history right now for one reason: It’s the first anime adaptation of a web comic, and a Korean web comic at that. This opens the door for all kinds of other content!

I’ve not read the web comic, so I’ll be following along going in blind. In the meantime, I have to do my absolute best to avoid spoilers on the big bad internet, because apparently, this story is an absolute roller coaster full of twists and turns. If things get too bad… maybe I’ll read the web comic. But right now I intend to just stay current on the show.

Episode 1 – BALL

There is a lot to unpack so I’ll get right to it with the first opening scene.

What do you desire?

There’s the opening tagline. Whatever it is that our characters desire is going to play a big part… and we get an immediate taste of some of the main cast and what it is they desire.

These two want honor and pride.

Here we have power and influence.

This dude wants money and riches. And he also looks like a douche. But I digress.

And here we have the earliest contender for best girl. I don’t know what it is, but I like my girls like I like my salad. Which is….. green. Okay okay, I’m sorry for the lame joke. Oh yeah, and I guess she wants revenge?

Whatever you desire, you will find it here.

Next up we hear about the Tower of God. Apparently, climbing it involves risking your life and it’s super dangerous. And when you get to the top, you can have literally whatever you want. It grants all of your desires.

This is the story of Rachel and Bam. Rachel wants to climb the tower so that she can see the stars. Okay, that’s weird, but whatever. Bam is our MC, and he wants nothing but to be with Rachel. So the premise is sort of a love story? I sense that there is going to be A LOT more to this later down the line.

And if you care about opening and ending songs… here is Tower of God’s glorious opening song. This is one that’s going in my playlist for sure. I’d suggest playing it in the background as you continue reading along. That’s what I’m doing as I’m writing it, anyway *shrug*.


Who is Rachel?

A couple minutes in, I’m not sure what to believe. I fully believe that Bam believes what he believes about Rachel. But the way that this scene just happened, it’s almost like you’d think Rachel is nothing but an idea. Maybe she’s nothing but an idea that he is chasing after. Her words definitely imply that she isn’t some shining angel like Bam believes.

She tells him to forget about her and then says she is climbing the tower. Whatever the case is, she doesn’t care about him as much as he cares about her.

The White Steel Eel and the Ball

Bam shows up at the tower unaware. Like, he wasn’t trying to get there… he was just chasing Rachel, and then he ended up there. And this is the first time we see the caretaker of the tower, Headon. Super creepy but super cool looking dude.



It totally comes off like Headon is maliciously planning Bam’s death. Bam is presented with a test. He must enter a cage and destroy this big ball while avoiding this massive white steel eel that looks super deadly.

I see an important distinction here. You can’t just go climb the tower. You have to pass a bunch of tests in order to be given the opportunity to go and then attempt to climb the tower. Before Bam gets a chance at this test, he gets Bam’d right in the face.



This is Yuri, Princess of Jahad. And these next couple scenes let us know that Bam is totally an outsider. There is a whole way of life going on here and he is 100% outside of it. He can’t speak their language, and Yuri pegs him as an “Irregular”, someone who enters the tower from the outside.

Yuri is kind of a rebel though. She is acting outside of her father’s (the King?) permissions. But apparently, this test with the White Steel Eel is also super unfair. Yuri says that even dudes on the 20th floor of the real tower have issues with this thing.

This tells me that my earlier suspicion is correct. Headon wants Bam to die in this test. But Yuri is being rebellious for whatever reason and she wants Bam to succeed. She decides to lend him her weapon, which is only supposed to be wielded by a Princess… the Black March.

Yuri’s companion says something interesting here before he begins the test.

Do you truly believe an Irregular will change the tower?

Seems both him and Yuri are aware of some need for the tower to be changed. The tower must be some disgusting mark of this society, something that needs to be purged. Maybe Bam is the guy to do it.

Bam versus the steel eel and the ball is pretty crazy. He overcomes the philosophical point of the test, which is the “fear of death”, but then Headon says that the test hasn’t even truly begun. And from what plays out, I’d say that the test isn’t even a test. He was just meant to die. Either that, or the test is to overcome impossible odds.

Which Bam does. He overcomes impossible odds by activating the Black March, which Yuri has been unable to do… even though it is her sword. Alright Bam, sick move. LET’S DO THIS!

Bam’s Past, and Possible Future

During the fight we get a little bit of a flashback from Bam’s memories. At some point, he had long hair and was either enslaved or imprisoned. He is stuck in this terrible place and he is trying to climb this tower of rocks. The tower of rocks can only be a metaphor of the Tower of God… and when Bam reaches the top, Rachel is there to pull him out.

She takes care of him.

The crazy thing is that the Black March, though it is a weapon, is also a godlike entity. When Bam asks the weapon for strength, she emerges and helps him to victory. Then he “ascends” to the next floor.

While he is on his way up. the Black March seems to be cradling him and giving him some advice on his upcoming journey.

Even if you are reunited, things will never be exactly as they were.

The Black March is telling him that Rachel will have moved on. But it doesn’t look like he will be able to move on. Besides, he is just arriving to the second test.

The Regulars

Bam wakes up in a field on the second floor. This is the actual tower. And there are 399 others… 400 total. The situation: reduce the number to 200. And we’re done. This is the first episode.

This was super good. So good that I went on and on and on and I’m only at the end of the 1st episode when there are 4 episodes out as of this writing.

What do you guys think of Tower of God so far? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message. I will be picking this right back up where I left off. Thanks for reading! Until next time.

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