SAO Loser

SAO Loser

The last two posts I wrote on GGO Alternative covered episode 5 and 5.5, and right here I covered the fact that Pitohui is Elsa Kanzaki in real life. Today, I’m going to get into SAO Loser. Let’s jump right in.

The High School Rythmic Gymnastics Club

These girls haven’t added a huge amount of depth to the actual story thus far, but the opening scenes in SAO Loser dedicate a decent amount of time to them. It’s important to note that they have made several appearances in the show before we actually found out who they were.

They appeared first in the first episode right at the end, giving praise to Karen’s performance in the Squad Jam. Funny enough, all of the following episodes through the recap led full circle right back to this very point in time where they are at Karen’s house…during Karen’s Spring Break. And with that, I give to you, the High School Rythmic Gymnastics Club:

ggo alternative high school rhythmic gymnastics club

Now, as I mentioned, they haven’t been super relevant to the story so far, but I have a feeling they will have more parts to play before everything draws to a close.

Parallel Timeline

Okay, stop, time out!! Out of no where, we get this sweet little bomb dropped on us.

What??? So, this is the first time I’m aware of that we’re actually hinted at when these events are taking place. Clearly, we have known the events in GGO Alternative are taking place after the Aincrad arc, but now we can zone in. If you don’t know what the Zekken is referring too though, I can’t help you at the moment. So, for those who maybe didn’t pick up on this little gem of a reveal…

The events of GGO Alternative are taking place after the original GGO arc, but before the events of the Mother’s Rosario arc have concluded.

This also means that the events in GGO Alternative are taking place before the events of Ordinal Scale. Do you think it’s possible that Llenn might make an appearance in SAO Season 3?They have definitely left possibilities open here for situations like that.

Death Game

The second Squad Jam is slated for Saturday, April 4th at 1300. As the audience, we know that it was sponsored by Pitohui;  We also know that Pito intends to die. Which leads us right into the plot point.

Enter M, real name Goushi Asougi, in all of his IRL glory. It hasn’t been revealed in the show yet, but the only way that Goushi could have tracked Karen down is by getting her name and address from the fan letter that Karen sent to Elsa Kanzaki.

Here’s the deal. Pito is going to fight in Squad Jam 2. If she is killed, she is going to commit suicide in real life, and kill Goushi as well. She’s obsessed with death. Why?

Because of SAO.

She played the Beta for SAO. On launch day, she was unable to play, and so she missed out completely on the death game. Even so, it’s possible that Kirito knew her from the Beta test, which is an interesting thought. Pitohui became so distressed over missing the SAO death game that here she is now, making her own death game.

The Loophole

M might be crazy, but he loves Pitohui (if you can call it that) so much that he wants to prevent her death. At the very least, he is afraid of being killed first and leaving her behind. He managed to find a loophole in Pitohui’s death game. Pito once promised Llenn that they would fight one another one day. If Llenn defeats her, she promised they would meet in real life.

That’s the twist.

If Llenn is the one who defeats Pitohui in Squad Jam 2, Pitohui will be unable to take her own life because she will have no choice but to meet Llenn. Pito might be mentally unstable, but she keeps her promises.

Personally, all this sounds great to me. I don’t think Karen has thought it through very much though. She’s only seeing as far ahead at saving Pitohui’s life. She hasn’t actually considered, “Oh, if I kill her in the game, then I get to meet the suicidal/homicidal psycho in real life.” At the same time, she also has no clue that she’s dealing with Elsa Kanzaki. It’s gonna be pretty crazy when Karen meets Elsa in real life. What do you think that’s going to be like? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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