Princess Connect! Re: Dive – First Impressions

Princess Connect! Re: Dive – First Impressions

Should you watch it?

I think Princess Connect has started out with a large viewer base because of the fact that it’s based on a decently popular mobile gacha game. So, if you are a fan of the game, go nuts– you’re probably already watching it anyway. The game is only in Japanese from what I understand though and you can’t download it from the Apple store or Android store, I don’t believe… If anyone is interested in playing it, let me know– I’d be happy to put together a guide on how to do so and append it to this post.

But speaking of the show, I’ve seen the first two episodes. My honest opinion of Princess Connect right now is “high production value, little substance”. There is a good chance I’ll keep watching it just to see where it goes and if it improves, but this isn’t one so far that I’m waiting week to week on the edge of my seat for the next episode to drop. (I’m looking at you, Ascendance of a Bookworm)

Here’s the problem..

Just because the show is based off a popular game doesn’t give it a free pass from needing to exhibit quality content. To be fair, the show is beautifully made, but I’m talking about underlying substance.

Princess Connect doesn’t really know what it’s trying to be… at least that’s what I’m feeling from it. It would be an Isekai by definition, but inside of that, it’s all over the place. After seeing two episodes and reading the description of the third, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a fantasy harem anime that’s about food. And maybe that’s not a bad thing?

What I’m getting at is that Princess Connect aims to be a lot of things and I’m not sure it is successful at hitting most of the marks.

The story so far, and the good aspects.

To be clear, the good aspects in the first two episodes are not the story. I can sum up the good aspects quickly. The reason why I would continue watching this show is because the animation is gorgeous, the girls are pretty, and the music is half decent. For me, that’s it.

Actually, let me just show you my reason.

Kokkoro from Princess Connect

This is Kokkoro and she is the main character’s “guide”. Her back is probably sore from carrying the entire show so far. Let’s get into the first episode. Spoilers coming, so if you have already decided to watch the show and you don’t want said spoilers, stop here and go hit up your CrunchyRoll account.

The Adventure Begins ~Sautéed Mushrooms at Sunset~

The MC, who you find out later is named Yuuki, is asleep.. Ameth, a beautiful god-like woman, is speaking to him, though he can’t hear her. She apparently can’t interact with reality until her “self repair is complete”, so she sends him down to Astraea as a shooting star.

Kokkoro, who I already mentioned, is meant to be his guide in Ameth’s place and we get a super cliche meeting.

Kokkoro meets Yuuki

So this guy has lost all his memories, pretty typical. Nothing too surprising from an Isekai. But no, I mean this dude has lost ALL of his memories. I’m not talking about he can’t remember his name or where he is from. His name actually is the only thing he seems to remember. He is like a toddler in all other aspects, and this quickly becomes tiring to watch.

The show so far has felt like it is aiming for a serious note through these first few minutes. This is where it gets shaken up for the first time because for the love of God, please just look at these dogs that attack them next.

Okay so we just lost the serious aspect completely. The next scene continues this feel because the dogs whoop ole Yuuki boy’s ass and it is done in a fighting style video game format. This whole scene is pretty funny for sure but this is in the first five minutes of the show, so we’re setting precedents at this point.

Yuuki – Even a typical Isekai MC?

So let me talk about Yuuki for a second. I don’t know that I can really call Yuuki a main character right now. If I had to point at who the main character was, I’d point my finger at Kokkoro. Yuuki is so dumb that it’s not even funny. Kokkoro gives him a coin to buy some food with and he tries to eat the coin.

He doesn’t speak yet, mostly just grunts, and only seems to respond to food so far. On top of that, he looks like Kirito and Kazuma had a child, except that the child has none of the favorable traits of either. For me, it’s been nothing but hard to watch him as the MC.

The rest of the episode is basically Kokkoro and Yuuki wandering around the capital city of Landosol, and another character being introduced along with her predicament, which seems to be a sort of plot driver?


The new character is a seemingly clueless girl with a massive rack. We don’t learn her name, but Kokkoro later dubs her as “Pecorine”.

Her IQ seems to be slightly above Yuuki’s, insomuch as she can speak and actually be a likable character. But she is a complete dunce, which I suppose is cute in her case.

She has a sword that is like a family heirloom and she is swindled out of it by two dudes on a false pretense and she spends the rest of the episode trying to chase them down. This plot driver takes them all together through the second episode, which I’ll get to in a bit.

Yuuki and Kokkoro end up in the local guild hall and they take a gathering quest for some mushrooms. More and more, I feel like the show is trying to be Konosuba, but falling short. They run into Pecorine while on this quest, and they get into a huge fight with these mushrooms, where Yuuki gets his ass kicked and it’s another pretty funny scene.

But then, when Kokkoro is in danger, Yuuki seems to awaken with some kind of power, and boom here we have it. He is dubbed as the “Princess Knight”, and now I can see a small path ahead for the plot. This dude is gonna go around collecting women just like the mobile gacha game that I assume he spawns from. On to the second episode!!

A Moody Cat’s Mischief ~Warm, Golden Rice Balls~

This entire episode is based around three things.

  1. New character introduction.
  2. Dragon gets a hold of Pecorine’s sword and we learn she can fight.
  3. Food.

The new character is a cat girl who is so over the top stereotypical Tsundere that I again file this away into the “hard to watch” cabinet. Meet Karyl. In her defense, at least she’s incredibly cute.


Karyl for some reason has it out for Pecorine, but we don’t know why yet. She is dragged into the whole situation with Pecorine’s sword being stolen, but it turns out that a dragon has made an appearance and taken the sword from the thieves.

Dragon Fight!

But here we have a couple of plot twists in quick succession. First, Karyl can control beasts and she uses this trait to turn the dragon against our “heroes”. Second, while they are fighting the dragon, it is revealed that apparently Yuuki had some “plan” previously in place for fighting this dragon.

I admit that I was drinking when watching this episode, so I may have missed it. But WHAT???? Where did it show this scheming? But more importantly, how does this idiot MC come up with a plan for fighting the dragon? The dude tried to eat money the day before and barely knows how to speak. Unless I’m missing something, that was just a big glaring plot hole.

Anyway, they end up kicking the dragon’s ass once Pecorine manages to get her hands on her sword. This is where we find out she’s a badass. She handled it, WHACKED him. Using a cool move called “Princess Strike”. I can dig it.

And that is pretty much the whole episode. Everyone ends up patting each other on the back and they sit on a ledge to discuss starting a guild whose purpose of existence would be to seek out the most delicious foods. I mentioned it already but I think this anime might be heading in a total food direction. Like maybe they are trying to blend Konosuba and Food Wars? I’m not really sure. But at least we got some cute girls.

Okay guys that’s it for this round. Look, I know I’m being hard on this show right now. But I just wasn’t feeling it. I think I’m going to keep watching it and hope that it gets better. Just for the sake of the fact that the girls are super cute and I really dislike disliking things. I want it to get better!!

Let me know your thoughts though in the comments below or send me a message. I want to know if you agree or disagree, and maybe I’m missing some good points about the show!! Also, if I change my mind as I continue watching, I’ll amend this post or make a new one!

Until next time.

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  1. BT

    I completely agree. It did show where Yuuki thought of the plan (basically a short scene of him going hmmm and then hitting his fist into his hand getting the girls attention), but the plan was just as stupid as he is. Hahah I really like Karyl’s voice actress though.

    1. Cody

      Yeah for sure. The quality of the production is super high… good voice acting, great art and visuals. There is just nothing underneath.

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