Pitohui is Elsa Kanzaki: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Pitohui is Elsa Kanzaki: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

I’ve been wondering who Pitohui was ever since she appeared in episode 2, but now I have no doubt. Pitohui is Elsa Kanzaki in real life… a pop star idol who is deranged and has a burning desire to die. Everyone should know who Elsa Kanzaki is by now. She’s the idol that everyone in Japan loves right now (in the show)… Karen wrote her a letter in episode 3, which was called Fan Letter… it’s implied that she is the singer of the GGO Alternative opening song, etc. Her and Pitohui are one and the same. How do I know this for sure?

Check The Internet

Well, for one, it’s on the internet. Go check out the Fandom page here, and you can see they have Pitohui and Elsa Kanzaki labeled interchangeably. Other websites are the same. Here’s the thing though. Maybe I’m ignorant, I don’t know. But after a quick search, I couldn’t find an actual source that provides any proof whatsoever. My assumption was that it had already been revealed in the manga or light novel. If it was revealed there, I don’t know because I didn’t find it. However, I have to believe there is merit in the fact that the Fandom page has it labeled.

Also, let’s get real here for a second. Elsa Kanzaki is mentioned WAY too much in the story for her not to play a much bigger role in it. At this point, if Elsa Kanzaki didn’t tie directly into the story, it would just be stupid. There would be no point in even having her be a named person in the show.

Now, with all of that out of the way, I’ve put together five reasons that I believe Pitohui is none other than Elsa Kanzaki. They aren’t in any particular order, but I will say that number 1 and 2 at the end seal the deal for me.

5. Pitohui missed the first Squad Jam, which is on Sunday February 1st, because it was the same day as her concert.

Well, Pitohui told Llenn that she had to miss SJ because she had to attend her best friend’s wedding.

pitohui llenn ggo alternative sword art online

But yeah right. Pitohui wasn’t going to a wedding; Elsa Kanzaki’s concert was on the same day. Elsa was preparing and performing for her concert, so Pitohui was unavailable.

4. Pitohui played the Beta test in SAO, but missed the game on launch day because she had something she couldn’t get out of.

She was obsessed with the Beta test. I even mentioned in one of my previous blog posts that it’s highly likely Pito and Kirito know or knew each other. There is no way she would have missed the launch day of SAO. But she did, and it was for something so important that it would change the rest of her life.

So, what was it? It had to be her big break into the music business. It was either the day she made some sort of audition, or the day she signed her music contract deal. Now, as a Japan music idol, she is very successful.

3. Pitohui/Elsa missed the first SJ because she had to perform at a concert, but she was free to compete in the second SJ because Elsa Kanzaki is taking time off.

Yup, that’s right. Miyu informs us that Elsa Kanzaki has taken some time off to go “abroad”.

What does that really mean? That means that Elsa Kanzaki is the one who is sponsoring Squad Jam 2 and she purposefully took vacation time in order to participate. No concerts are going to get in her way this time.

2. When Pitohui walks into the starting area for Squad Jam 2, she acts like everyone is there to see her perform… just like a deranged pop idol.

pitohui llenn ggo alternative sword art online

pitohui llenn ggo alternative sword art online

pitohui llenn ggo alternative sword art online

pitohui llenn ggo alternative sword art online

It’s Elsa Kanzaki’s big day. It’s the day of the SJ tournament that she herself is hosting. She’s had some time off from touring to prepare, and she is ready to kick ass. However, it also gives away the fact that she is accustomed to walking into an arena and taking the spotlight, which is exactly what she does here. This time, it’s not one of her concerts, but it’s the death game that she’s created for herself.

1. M was able to find Llenn (Karen) in real life because Elsa Kanzaki has Karen’s real name and address from the fan letter she sent back in episode 3.

Think about it, there is no other way. The letter that Karen wrote to Elsa Kanzaki was personal. If Elsa and Pitohui are the same person, then it would be very obvious to her that the letter was from Llenn. M wants to save Elsa’s life, so he took the letter from her to be able to find Llenn/Karen in real life.

To top everything off… just in case anyone is unsure of whether Pitohui is actually crazy, I present to you to you the below picture. She’s a keeper.

pitohui llenn ggo alternative sword art online crazy insane

That’s all I’ve got on this subject for today! I admit that there is always a possibility that my analysis is flawed. In fact, it’s probably flawed often. I also think there may be plenty of other giveaways as to why we can assume Pitohui and Elsa Kanzaki are the same person that I’ve missed or didn’t think of. If you have noticed anything else, or see any flaws in my analysis, let me know in the comments section! Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram,  subscribe to the newsletter below, and if you have any questions for me, head to the contact page to send me an email! Thanks for reading!

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