Made In Abyss- The City of the Great Pit

Made In Abyss- The City of the Great Pit

Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss is one of the most intelligent anime’s that I have seen for some time.  Let’s jump right into the story and see why. If you haven’t seen the first episode, go do that and then come back. We’re kinda thrown right into this universe without any training wheels. For this anime, this is a good thing; it’s not so ridiculous that you can’t follow along with it, and it is just good enough to keep questions burning inside you that need answering.

Riko, the Abyss, and the Star Compass

Riko is an orphan girl. She lives in an orphanage with others like her, where they work as “cave raiders” going on expeditions to hunt relics in the Abyss. The first obvious question that comes up is — what is the Abyss?  As it turns out, Riko just happened to find a relic called the Star Compass, which she claims will show the owner the truth of the Abyss. She’s hiding it, which is apparently bad. If she’s caught, she will receive punishment worse than being strung up naked.  I can’t attest to it myself, but Riko seems that being strung up naked is traumatizing to a maiden. Anyone have any experience with that? I’m curious about what kind of orphanage they’re trying to run here.

Already, I want to know more about this relic and I’m assuming the Star Compass will come into play later. Riko is also completely in awe of what she calls the “600 meter group”, a group of raiders that are allowed to go down to the 600 meter mark in the Abyss. It’s obvious at this point that the plot is going to take us into the Abyss, deeper than 600 meters. Probably deeper than anyone has ever gone before…

Skeletons In Prayer

What is the deal with the skeletons in prayer? Who are they? I don’t think it is a supernatural phenomena; there must have been a great tragedy. Something horrible happened and literally every human in this place called the Abyss was hunched in prayer pleading with their gods to be delivered before meeting their ends. We’ll have to wait and see what comes of it, but this is a question that must be answered. What happened to these people?

The Split Jaw and the Robot Boy

All of a sudden, Nat is in trouble. Riko saves the day with her whistle, taking off into the canyon with a crimson split jaw in close pursuit. As Riko is cornered, a mysterious robot boy blasts the split jaw with some kind of massive energy cannon blast, and everything is good to go. Except that AmnesiaBot can’t remember anything, and now Riko has to deal with him. When Riko carries AmnesiaBot back to the surface, the music really touched me. It brought me to a place of closeness with this show right away. This was the moment I knew this anime was going to be special. I also felt the same way with the music at the end… Did anyone share this sentiment? If so,  let me know in the comments.

The Orphanage

When they arrive back, we get to see some of life at the orphanage… but of course they have to keep Robot boy a secret. By the way, this is the most amazing classroom setup ever!! I vote that we make all schools like this ASAP.

The Director’s words are interesting, considering that she is addressing a classroom full of orphans. She specifically mentions their parents, and to strive and work hard so as not to shame their parents who fell so “nobly”. It gives the impression that all of the children’s parents died in the Abyss, and that is the reason they are orphans to begin with. It makes you wonder… is this an endless cycle? Children grow up in the orphanage and become cave raiders. As adults, they have children. They eventually die fighting in the Abyss. Their children then become orphans and the cycle restarts. An interesting notion…

Is Riko destined to break the cycle?

The rest of the episode is mostly dedicated to developing Robot boy. He wakes up from a jolt of electricity, which was consequently large enough to cause a blackout at the orphanage. He’s got a belly button, extending metal arms , and a helmet. His name is now Reg, after Riko’s old dog. Alrighty then.

Orth, the City of the Great Pit

Everything leads to this final moment, where finally we’re told a little bit about exactly what’s going on here. Orth is a great city, built on the edge of the Abyss. We get a history lesson alongside some touching music.

“About 1900 years ago, a huge pit was discovered in the southern sea of beoluska. With a diameter of around 1000 meters and a depth that is still unkown to this day, the mysterious formation mesmerized people. Valuable and dangerous primeval creatures and mysterious Relics that are beyong comprehension beckoned adventurers looking to strike it rich, which in time gave rise to a giant city. Over the span of many years, with a spirit of adventure for the unknown and countless legends luring them in, the world’s only remaining unexplored chasm has swallowed up a great many people.”

“It is known as the Abyss.”

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  1. Jake

    Great read!

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      Thanks man. Let me know if you start watching/keep watching the show! And give the article a share on FB 😉

  2. Yahari Bento

    I never watch this anime before but many people praised this. Maybe I will watch this too. Thanks you.

    1. Cody

      Yessss!! If you haven’t seen it, you should! The only problem is going to be waiting for season 2 🙁 haha.

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