This is how you have a Superpower Battle!

This is how you have a Superpower Battle!

Hey guys! It’s been several weeks since I’ve made a post, and there have been several reasons for that. Life has been crazy. But I will try to keep up my posts as regularly as I can now. Hopefully at least once a week. Now onto Hinamatsuri.

So far, I am certain of two things. First, the director of Hinamatsuri was influenced as a child by the Terminator films. Second, I have never had ikura before, and I need to try it. I’ve got to see what Hina’s fuss is all about, and it better be delicious. The second episode of Hinamatsuri is just as entertaining as the first, so let’s get into it. If you haven’t checked over my first blog about Hinamatsuri, take a detour right here and go read it first.

Anzu Has Arrived

Here she is, naked as can be. Fortunately, and maybe unfortunately, she doesn’t land in the living room of a Yakuza operative. Instead, she runs into a much larger group of gangsters called Jashinryuu, maybe also another branch of Yakuza? I don’t know, but damn, these girls have some bad luck.

She’s here for Hina… okay, makes sense that the two of them are related and from the same world. Their temperaments (at least right now) are extremely similar, but also just as different. Anzu is on a mission to destroy Hina. She is taking her orders very seriously… albeit her reasons seem more for her own gain. She wants to overcome Hina, to prove that she has become Hina’s better.

A Previous Warfighter

Both of them are not concerned whatsoever with using their powers when they first arrive in order to get what they want. Hina blackmails Nitta by destroying his belongings. Anzu wipes out the gang, takes the leaders clothes, and almost blows up the ramen joint when the owner asks her to pay up. They’re ruthless and unrelenting. They don’t care about what happens to others; they only care what happens to themselves.

The thing is, Anzu is taking orders and Hina used to take orders. Hina was so powerful that she was able to escape her world. The adults in her world, whoever they are, were somehow able to control her for war. But no longer. Rather than recapture Hina, they elect to eliminate her from existence instead by sending Anzu. This is crazy. But… as often is the case with this show, let’s roll with it.

Have Heart, Homeless… The Yakuza Aren’t THAT Bad

I find the next turn of events to be really interesting. When Nitta finds out that Anzu is searching for Hina, he doesn’t even give the reason why a thought. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that Anzu may be trying to harm her. Right away, his angle is to meet the situation head on by having Hina and Anzu meet head on. He sets up the network of homeless people to keep an eye out for Anzu.

That strategy comes through. Yassan, one of the neighborhood homeless guys… who we will become much more familiar with in the episodes to come… gets eyes on Anzu and reports it to Nitta’s crew in exchange for some cash. I find a lot to be unpacked with what he says.

As we will see in later episodes, Yassan becomes a father type figure to Anzu. He teaches her honor and respect. It is therefore ironic right now that he sold her out to the Yakuza for money. It doesn’t matter that the Yakuza didn’t have perverted or malicious plans for Anzu… Yassan had considered that they would when he made the decision, and he did it anyway. This is the first of many times during Hinamatsuri where the characters have surprised me.

Hinamatsuri takes a step back from typical anime characters. Really, not a single one fits into some kind of pre-made framework from other genres. They’re imperfect and they have good qualities and bad qualities… just like real people do. Prime example here. Yassa, who later becomes a father figure, just now had made up his mind to essentially sell Anzu to the Yakuza.

Look That Way!

Well, they certainly find Anzu. And Hina seems rather unconcerned.

The superpower battle that the title of this episode refers to is both anticlimactic and hilarious. They couldn’t have done it any better, in my opinion. To avoid mass destruction, Nitta proposes an alternate way of settling the issue. Both girls could care less, until Nitta bribes Hina with ikura for dinner so that she would play along with the scheme and taunt Anzu.

The goal of the game: play rock paper scissors to decide who’s turn it is… and then one girl has to make the other look in the other direction. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you have a real superpower battle.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Anddddd that’s all she wrote. Hina kicked Anzu’s ass. I guess it kind of makes sense, considering that Hina was powerful enough to escape their world. But at the end of the day…

Kids Will Be Kids

Yep.. kids will be kids, whether they are trained for war or not. Hina has “learned” some things during her short time so far with Nitta. In her mind, the battle is over and she’s won. There is no more dispute. She wants to move on, be friends, and play videogames. Anzu is confused at first, but boom, there it is. Best friends. And it was that easy. They really are kids. Ahhh. Hinamatsuri tugs at my heartstrings with its character relationships and realism.

As is the case in life, “nothing good lasts forever”, and Anzu has to return home and trick her superiors into believing that Hina is dead. That would be a great plan, if Nitta didn’t put her little red space ship capsule in the washing machine with her clothes. Now she can’t get home, and we have a problem. All that awesome technology, and they couldn’t make their space capsules waterproof. Hmm.

Nitta’s Grand Issue

So, Anzu is about to be homeless.. but never mind that. Nitta’s concerns appear to be much more important. Again, they start sprinkling these bad, yet realistic qualities into one of our characters. Word has spread around that Nitta has cut back on dating for the purpose of spending time with his daughter. Oh boy.

Nitta is not having this. It’s party time. To hell with Hina, or as he calls her, “that shrimp”. He can’t let her ruin his studly womanizer reputation. The solution is obviously to feed her nothing but mackerel for days on end whilst hitting the town every night and seeing as many women as possible. This is good parenting, according to Nitta.

As expected, Hina gets bored of this routine, and naturally, it’s party time for her too, so she has no choice but to join him on the town.

Thus begins one of my absolute favorite aspects of this show…. Hitomi the bartender. If you’ve every thought to yourself that middle school age children are too young to be excellent bartenders, you’re WRONG! Hina leaves Hitomi behind in the bar while searching for Nitta and she has no choice but to start learning to make drinks.

Hina finally gets some life lessons from Utako, the real bartender, and decides it’s time to confess her feelings to Nitta. It’s time that he knows and understands that Hina is a true party girl.

It only gets better from here. Keep a lookout for my next blog on the third episode of Hinamatsuri. Until next time!

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