GGO Alternative: Karen’s Last Battle

GGO Alternative: Karen’s Last Battle

Leave the Last Battle to Me

Previously, I made two predictions in my last GGO Alternative article, and I was correct about one, and wrong about the other. I thoroughly enjoyed Leave the Last Battle to Me… I did not enjoy Refrain so much. But let’s get right into it.

Previous Predictions

My first prediction was that somehow death in real life was tied to the Squad Jam, based on M’s reaction from the last episode. I was right. My second prediction was that Pitohui is Elsa Kanzaki IRL. This has been proven wrong, based on comments that Pito makes in Refrain. That said, there’s now plenty of smoke in the air around Pito and exactly who she is. However, I have a new theory about who she might be, which I will mention toward the end.

Back to the Squad Jam

Leave the Last Battle to Me drops us right back into the Squad Jam where we left off, with an opening visual of the last team that Llenn and M are pitted against… a team of women, later described as Amazons. We’re taken back to M and Llenn, where LLenn still has M at gunpoint.

Gun Gale Online Llenn M

M finally cracks under the pressure and now we know (partially) what is really going on. If M dies in the Squad Jam, he will be killed in real life. But how?


The Letter

Of course, the creators have worn out any possible ways for the game itself to kill a person, and Ordinal Scale kind of beat the horse into submission… although I loved Ordinal Scale still. No, it can’t be the game itself that causes death. But M and Pito know each other IRL, and apparently Pito is completely insane. It all comes down to the letter that Pito wrote to M, which reads:

“Yoo-hoo, M. Are you in a tough battle?  I told you to read this after an hour, soil you ripped it up, I’ll kill you. You’re participating in my place, so have a blast! It’s a game, so it’s just for fun! If you die a cowardly death, I’ll slaughter you, okay? But if you two actually survive for an hour, I’ll be so impressed! I’ll pat you on the head and praise you. If you die after that, though, I’ll kill you, okay? And no suicide. Whatever happens, you have to survive. Without tension in the battle, it wouldn’t be fun, you know? Now, then. Enjoy yourself! Feel life! That’s all.”

Why, Pito?

Okay Pito, why??? The letter has crazy written all over it, and I did not see this coming in the slightest. Thus far, Pito hasn’t exhibited any characteristics like this toward Llenn. What is also disturbing is that Pito told Llenn that they’re good enough friends that she would reveal herself if they met IRL. Not sure that meeting Pito IRL is what Llenn wants, if this kind of behavior is to be expected from Pito. Llenn doesn’t believe it at first, but M proclaims with intense tears that Llenn doesn’t understand anything and that she has no idea how crazy Pitohui really is. It’s a bit disturbing.

gun gale online M

M is super serious. He also seems a little bit crazy himself. I wonder…how has he got himself into a position where Pitohui has real control over his life? How would she kill him? I also find M’s words interesting. He says that Pitohui yearns for a death game, and I quote,

“That woman is still obsessed with it!”

Still obsessed with it? Does that mean she was obsessed with it previously? Was she a player from the original Sword Art Online? Or was she just entranced by all of the antics from Death Gun in the Bullet of Bullets tournament from the original Gun Gale Online arc? We already know that Pito was in that Bullet of Bullets tournament, so that could be it. We’ll have to wait and see how it unfolds. One thing is certain… I’m a little bit flustered by how crazy M thinks Pitohui is, and I really want to know who she is IRL.

One Loli Army

M’s original tactic was to kill Llenn and then resign the match so that there would be no chance of being killed by another player, hence saving his life. Llenn is not ready to give up so easily, however. Now the title of the episode becomes clear. Llenn takes off to fight the last battle on her own. If she is taken out, then M can still resign and it is no different from his original plan.

And here we go! The battle begins. Llenn wastes no time running straight for the enemy. She takes a hit to the shoulder, but she cleans out one of the Amazons with no problem.

gun gale online Llenn fighting squad jam

gun gale online Llenn shooting squad jam

The problem is that she still has several more opponents and they are on her tail, and they have a lot more experience. They trick Llenn, and she runs directly toward them, lining herself up to be taken out by a sniper.

gun gale online Llenn squad jam

Llenn’s Advantage

This is where Llenn really shines. I still have no idea how she has the kind of speed that she does, but she finally thinks back and understands how she has defeated all of her opponents up until this point.

In close combat.

gun gale online Llenn squad jam close combat

But can someone please explain to me why P-chan starts talking to Llenn right in the middle of this realization? That was weird. I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that and move on with my life.

Now Llenn makes the next move, and the next few scenes are brilliant. I’ll leave a few images and we can take a moment of silence to admire how badass and cute Llenn is.

gun gale online Llenn squad jam combat

gun gale online Llenn squad jam combat

gun gale online Llenn squad jam combat

Llenn goes down, and it looks like it’s over. But M reached down and grabbed a pair, and here he is at the last minute to get Llenn back into the fight.

gun gale online sniper M

Llenn’s face off with the boss, Eva, is cool, besides the fact that P-chan starts talking again. But then P-chan gets destroyed. I can’t really complain. I feel like a weapon that starts talking needs to be obliterated. But that’s just me. Llenn disagrees, however. To be blunt, that’s the angriest Loli I’ve ever seen.

gun gale online Llenn squad jam combat angry loli

Llenn finishes Eva with a knife, M takes out the last opponent with a headshot, and that brings Squad Jam to a close. Llenn and M have brought the victory home, 1 hour and 28 minutes after the start of the game.

Karen’s Complex

If you didn’t watch the scene after the credits, you missed a really special scene. The girls…the cute little girls that Karen always walks by… there are six of them, to be exact. And yes, they are the Amazon squad from the Squad Jam, we find out. I first had the suspicion when one of the girls called the girl talking to Karen “boss”. Karen clearly had the same suspicion. Her name is Saki Nitobe, and she is a sophomore in high school— the captain of the Rythmic Gymnastics Club.

Saki notices Karen’s keychain, which is a small version of P-chan, which brings on the below conversation.

gun gale online Llenn Karen squad jam

It really says a lot about Karen and about Saki too. Karen, after winning Squad Jam, has finally moved past her height complex.

The Squad Jam may or may not be the beginning of many more battles to come for Llenn, but as for the height complex, this was Karen’s last battle.

This group of six tiny high school girls, however, relish playing as brutish warrior women in the game. It’s an interesting irony, and the beginning of a lasting friendship, it would seem.


I mentioned before that I didn’t really care for this episode. Why? Recap episodes usually don’t bother me, but in this case I find it aggravating because we have only had 5 episodes until now. I don’t need a recap. On the other hand, I checked, and indeed we only get 12 episodes for the first season. So, it follows that they would have a recap episode halfway through. But that’s still an issue because they could have used that episode for real material instead… now it feels like an 11 episode season. Not to mention, we have spent a long time seeing nothing but the Squad Jam. It’s been fun, but I’m ready to move on.

Pitohui’s Persona

We do glean some information out of the recap episode, however, regarding Pito’s personality traits. The entire episode consists of what we have already seen with M and Pito’s commentary. And Pito’s commentary is consistent with her psychopathic letter from last episode. At the beginning, M and Pito are speaking and we get a little more insight into their weird relationship. M is making sure she is very comfortable and answering her every request. Their real life situation, whatever it is, is really strange.

As M gets to the part of the Squad Jam where Llenn jumps out of the suitcase, he tells Pito to sit back and enjoy the show. Pito’s response?

gun gale online Llenn squad jam Pito crazy

Fortunately, Pito enjoyed Llenn’s performance. Don’t worry, M. Your ass is safe, for now.

Pito then says, “I laughed so much that I’m thirsty. Order me a drink!” This lets us know that they are in one of three situations. They are at a restaurant together while this is going on, a bar, or a hotel room. My guess? Hotel room, because it’s the only location that someone could possibly get away with shooting someone in the ass. Yep, Pito is insane.

Pito also confirms that she would have really killed M if he would have died in Squad Jam. So it wasn’t a joke. Lastly of note, is at the end when Pito says she intends to die after she hosts the next Squad Jam. Hmmm….

Pito’s Identity

Well, I have a new thought about who Pito might be, based on one of the comments she makes here. M comments that he likes the way Elsa Kanzaki looks from behind, and Pito says she’ll make sure to tell her that next time she sees her. Okay, so Pitohui can’t be Elsa Kanzaki. But she knows her, and she sees her often enough that she could tell her what M said.

Pitohui must be a part of Elsa Kanzaki’s team. She could be one of her producers, or a bodyguard even.

I lean more toward someone higher up in the team, if she has enough money to possibly host a Squad Jam. This explains why M and Pito may be in a hotel somewhere; they are traveling with Elsa Kanzaki’s tour. It also still explains why Pito couldn’t compete in the Squad Jam. She wasn’t performing at the concert, but she was still needed in some capacity there.

What do you think? Do you agree with my assessment of Pito? Let me know in the comments, or send me a message.

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