Darling in the Franxx: Fighting Puppet

Darling in the Franxx: Fighting Puppet

Now that I’m current on Darling, which is up to episode 22 as of this writing, it’s pretty much impossible for me to blog from any previous perspectives I may have had. Episodes 20-22 were so explosive and so heavy on development that even now, I’m still kind of processing everything.

So, since I still want to cover each episode (I love this show that much) I’m going to hit episode 3 today, “Fighting Puppet”. Possible spoilers ahead from later episodes, you’ve been warned.

The Special Specimen

Hiro is awkward with Ichigo at the beginning for obvious reasons. He convinced her to kiss him in the cockpit of Delphinium. She had no idea what a kiss was. In true manly fashion, Hiro is like “don’t worry, I’ll show you, I got this.” He didn’t really say that, but since he’s a teenager, we can obviously assume he was thinking it. The kiss didn’t work and they were defeated. Now Hiro doesn’t know what to think… as they’re speaking, he zones in on her lips. Where is Zero Two to drop truth bombs when you need her??? “Darling, you pervert!”

Of course, the reason the kiss didn’t work is for no other reason than because Hiro is just not going to be compatible with anyone other than Zero Two. Nana and Hachi go on to talk about it specifically. Of course, we now know exactly what they’re talking about.

The special specimen is referring to Zero Two. When they were children, Hiro ingested some of Zero Two’s blood. They connected on a personal level, and he became her Darling. Their memories were erased…and after that, Hiro’s scores started dropping, leading all the way to the situation in episode 1 where Hiro and Naomi fail out.

It wasn’t because Hiro lost all of his skills as a pilot. It was because he was yearning for a special partner, a special specimen, his own Darling that he was unable to remember. Interestingly, while Hiro may not have his memories, Dr. Franxx remembers all of this. He is aware of their past, and he is still allowing the experiment with Zero Two and Squad 13 to continue. What an ass. I hope you get your arm ripped off by a Klaxosaur, Dr. Franxx. Ahem.

Cut! Time out. Why is Zero Two always sucking on a lollipop???

I bet it has absolutely nothing to do with the creators knowing beforehand that Zero Two was going to be a crowd sensation for fan art. Hah.

Battle Without Strelizia

Squad 13 is ordered into a new conflict. It’s not supposed to be a big deal, but of course it ends up being one. Strelizia is “not allowed” to join, but of course they need Strelizia to win. Squad 13 is still young and inexperienced in their exploits. Here is something interesting that I didn’t catch the first time around… When Argentea gets hit and Miku falls down… she has horns. They’re holographic horns, just like the Nines have. Has anyone else picked up on this before? I’ll keep an eye out for more indications like this in future episodes.

It’s really eye opening to see this now, though. We were getting signals as early as episode 3 that the male female pairing and the Franxx themselves were Klaxosaur in nature. Beautiful.

Mitsuru’s Downfall

Strelizia has to join in order for Squad 13 to win, however, Mitsuru goes with Zero Two instead of Hiro. We see how that turns out. He’s power hungry. There’s a bit of foreshadowing of the internal conflict that is going on between Mitsuru and Hiro; Mitsuru is looking down on Hiro and wanting to prove that he is better. That’s fine and dandy but he had no idea what he was signing up for.

And I don’t really need to mention what happens to him after this. I’ll probably touch on it a bit when I write on episode 4.

That pretty much sums it up for today. This episode is good, but in the grand scheme of the show, it’s a bit insignificant. The real purpose for this episode is just to show us without any refute that stamen that ride with Zero Two will in fact die if left unchecked.

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