Darling in the Franxx – Alone and Lonesome

Darling in the Franxx – Alone and Lonesome

Alone and Lonesome

Darling in the Franxx. This show is big right now; everyone is watching it. Should you? Short answer— yes, you absolutely should. Rather than listing reasons why you should watch it, let’s get directly into the show. If you haven’t seen the first episode or two, go do that. Then come back.

The Jian

The Jian— the bird that shares wings. It is a bird that only has one wing and unless a male and female pair join together, they can’t fly. This concept is clearly important since both Zero Two and Hiro describe the Jian. Zero Two describes the Jian as an incomplete and imperfect creature, yet she says their way of life is beautiful and alluring. I’m not sure exactly how to process that since she also enjoys tasting herself and other people.

Zero Two Darling in the Franxx licking herself

The way that Hiro describes the Jian is as if it’s a dream and the Jian is waiting to take flight into the sky. Until it finds a partner.. It must hide in the leaves, afraid, pitiful. Is he describing himself?

“Where does a bird that never flies end up going?”

He asks this question as a bird hits the ceiling dome and is covered in blood. That isn’t ominous at all. Hiro is afraid of becoming the bird that can’t fly.

Hiro and Zero Two

Perhaps the climax of this episode is Zero Two’s and Hiro’s fight against the Klaxosaur at the end.. However, the most revealing scene (pun intended) is Hiro’s and Zero Two’s first meeting at the lake.

Zero Two Hiro first meeting naked

Of course, I meant revealing also in the way of character and plot development. Here we get our first peek into what Zero Two’s and Hiro’s relationship is going to become. It occurs not long after the Jian discussions and Zero Two escapes from her comrades. We’ve already learned that this girl with horns is a “partner killer”, and it’s said that any partner of hers can only ride three times before they die. Zero Two has been piloting a while. Yet she is always alone. Alone and Lonesome, in fact, as the name of the episode tells us. It can only be because her partners die and leave her behind.

I’m still scratching my head about why she is eating a fish in her first appearance. All I can really say is other than the horns, this is the first indication we are given that she’s probably not human. The second and conclusive indication is when we find out Klaxosaur blood flows in her veins. Even more strange is that Hiro seems not to notice the fish and still finds her very alluring. Someone call Zero Two and tell her that’s not how we do sushi.

Hiro wastes no time telling her how he is out of place. He can’t pilot anymore…he is a lost Jian. Zero Two’s response is perfect.

“If you don’t belong here, just build a place where you do.”

That’s my kinda girl right there. We’ve already had plenty of foreshadowing up to this moment of Zero Two and Hiro’s upcoming partnership, but Zero Two seals the deal right here. As she jumps on top of him, “taking him by force”, a bird immediately flies away; this is symbolic of the fact that two Jian’s just joined wings.

Of course, then Zero Two’s current partner shows up with an entourage. In case anyone was confused, her partner is the guy who looks beat to a pulp. We can only assume he is on ride number two, and wonder what generally happens to those on ride three. I have a feeling we are going to find out with Hiro in the future. I’m not particularly worried, since Hiro is the protagonist… he has to live, at least for a while right? After all, this isn’t Attack on Titan.

For the second time, Hiro mentions the Jian. “I’m well aware that a flightless bird has no where to go.” He feels backed into a corner. Zero Two is the answer to his problems. Not only is she the answer to his problems, but she is the only solution, the only way out.

Let’s talk about this crazy graduation ceremony. Hiro is not there since he failed. But really, what kind of ceremony is this? The kids are orphans, clearly. So, they’re taking orphans, raising them on plantations, and training them for combat to defend the human race from Klaxosaurs. Cool, but something is fishy here. I feel heavy plot development coming on this in the future. I’m a little bit concerned about homeboy’s comments at the ceremony. His exact words are, “Turn your life into a blaze of glory and shed every last drop of blood you have.” He’s encouraging them to be mecha kamikaze’s… a great thing to tell orphaned warrior children, apparently. Let’s see where this goes.

Somehow, a Klaxosaur finds it’s way here to ruin the big day. Not to worry… Zero Two is here to save the day. That is, until her partner croaks. Three times was too many. Conveniently, Hiro just happens to be standing right there, which is nice. Hiro is concerned when Zero Two wants to re-enter the fight alone, to which Zero Two responds, “I’m not afraid of death.” What a badass.

This is the moment of truth that has been foreshadowed thus far. What happens to a bird who can’t fly? It either finds a way, or it falls out of the sky.  Hiro is faced with the ultimate choice, and his choice is Zero Two. It’s beautiful, romantic, and terrifying all at the same time. He puts aside his fear of death, as a bird that can’t fly might as well be dead anyway. The scene where Zero Two pulls him into the Franxx and kisses him is long and drawn out. It’s done in a way that says that Hiro is not just entering into the Franxx with Zero Two. He is entering into a new chapter of his life, a new relationship, a new love… far deeper and more magnificent than just riding with her in the Franxx.

Hiro Zero Two kissing Franxx

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