Welcome to my blogroll! As my blog is relatively new, it is obviously not very full. In fact, as of when I’m writing this now, I will only be adding two links. That doesn’t mean I’ll add just anything though! Directly below, I’ll detail the criteria for being added onto my blog menu. If you think that your site meets the criteria and I disagree, I will explain to you why. It’s not my intent to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I definitely keep it at my discretion to add or to not add what I choose. If you meet the criteria and you want to exchange links, leave a comment at the bottom. 🙂


The entrée’s are my main meals. To be on this part of the menu, anime must be a main aspect of your site. Anime is not the only thing that I blog about, but it is the main thing that I blog about and it’s what I put the most time into.


The beverages are the ice cold beer that I drink after a delicious meal at the end of the day. This means that gaming is more the main aspect of your site, even if you do cover some anime. Gaming is usually what I do at night before bed, hence this philosophy 😉

Side Dishes

Side dishes are the blogs that exist, but either really need some work or have become completely inactive. If your site goes inactive for a decent period of time, say a couple months or more, it will transition to this part of the menu.

Blog Menu

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