Arrival of the Psychokinetic Girl

Arrival of the Psychokinetic Girl

I finally bit the bullet and binge watched the first 5 episodes of Hinamatsuri. It’s one of those shows this season that is kind of low key, but absolutely shines. In fact, the only current show this season that I think is better right now is Darling in the Franxx. Mind you, I’m not keeping up with all the shows out this season, but this one has definitely been worthy of my time. Today I’m going to hit the first episode and I’ll share my thoughts on episodes as I go along.

The Psychokinetic Girl

I was a little unsure what to think in the opening scenes. The first scene, at the point to where I have watched the show so far, is still a mystery. Some chick is kicking ass and taking names, and then says something along the lines of, “I’m coming for you, Hina”.

hinamatsuri hina

Then we go three years back to Japan, to Nitta’s apartment. Hina, of course, is the girl that drops out of the air and hits Nitta in the head.

I was unsure at first because I thought the container she was in was ridiculous. I still think it’s ridiculous, but Hina won me over as soon as she opened her mouth. Maybe it’s the voice actress, maybe it’s just Hina’s character, but I love the way she talks and I think she’s hilarious. So, if I was unsure at first, I can definitely say that by the end of the episode… at the very least, I was intrigued enough by the strange situation of the story to want to know what happens next.

hinamatsuri hina capsule

Hina doesn’t know how our world works, since she comes from another. Just as strange, is where she happened to end up. Nitta is a Yakuza operative, and Hina blackmails him for a place to stay by threatening to destroy his expensive collectibles with her powers. It’s at this point that I can’t stop myself from watching just because of the bizarre situation.

Hina’s New Life

From there, Nitta kinda starts accepting what is going on. Hina gets a stuffed animal, new clothes… everything she needs for the time being.

hinamatsuri hina stuffed animal nitta

Hina also wants to go to school, so Nitta makes the arrangements. The humor accompanies us all the way. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously so far, but when it aims to be serious, it hits me right in the gut. The serious aspects thus far come when we’re given a peek into Hina’s previous life. The music changes drastically, and I was glued to the screen, dying to know more about where she came from. More on those scenes soon.

One of the ground rules for Hina and Nitta’s living arrangement is that she will not be allowed to use her powers. That quickly becomes an issue when Hina realizes that if she doesn’t use her powers regularly, she completely loses control of them. Nitta finds an outlet for that, and Hina makes short work of a development project by tearing down trees stacking them with her powers.

hinamatsuri hina powers electricity explosion

hinamatsuri hina nitta trees powers

Hina’s Previous Life… And a Casual Malicious Deed

On the way back from the lumber project, Nitta gets a bad phone call. The boss has been shot, and it is somehow Nitta’s fault. That being the case, it’s his responsibility to take care of the situation. He’s handed a pistol and off he goes. Nitta was under the impression that he was going to die unless he thought of something… that he was nothing more than a low Yakuza foot soldier.

hinamatsuri yakuza nitta gun pistol

He is shocked to find Hina in the backseat of his car… and this is where things get dreadfully serious. Music change, sadness, intensity. This is the point where I knew I was going to keep watching the rest of this anime. I loved the transition from the light and funny story to the dark and twisted reality of where Hina comes from. Wherever she came from, she was a child soldier. Her purpose in life was to carry out orders and apparently to destroy enemies.

The adults that she was used to in her old life had no compassion, and did nothing but give her orders. That was Hina’s entire existence. I have no doubt that this is the exact reason why Hina is so calculated and monotonous. She doesn’t understand compassion. But Nitta shows her compassion, and her heart is warmed for what might be the first time. So ironic though, that this is happening between her and a Yakuza operative who has been charged with taking out his faction’s opposition. Pictures from these scenes below.

hinamatsuri hina enemy kill

The Terminator

When Hina voluntarily wipes out the opposition, Nitta is in shock, but is hailed as a hero back at the office. The whole situation was nuts, honestly. They casually and seriously portrayed Hina, a little girl, having no problem with killing. It was intense. And it was awesome when she came walking out levitating the boss man. She’s a cute little badass.

There is a scene after the credits, and if you don’t watch it, you’re missing out on some serious Terminator action.

hinamatsuri terminator nitta hina

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