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What’s up? I’m Cody. Below is a picture of me, and next to me, my ridiculously attractive wife Tia.

I’m here to share anime and gaming content with you, and share my tech projects when I do them from time to time. Before I get to that, I’ll tell you my story. (If you’re not interested in my story, go ahead and skip right to the end where I talk about anime, gaming and tech projects)

I grew up in Bartlett, TN. I was absolutely sure that college just wasn’t for me… I had decided by the time I was in middle school that I would be joining the Marine Corps, and that is exactly what I did.

Two weeks after I graduated high school in 2009, I found myself standing on the yellow footprints in Parris Island, South Carolina. Upon finishing boot camp, I learned my MOS in Cory Station down in Pensacola, Florida. I graduated at the top of my class, and was afforded the luxury to have an input on my duty station. Naturally, I chose Hawaii, and that is where I was stationed.

I deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. I reached the rank of Sergeant in 2013. The Marine Corps turned me into a man, and the experiences it gave me shaped me into who I am today… but when it came time in 2014, I decided to go my own way.

I guess college ended up being on my to-do list after all. I attended Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. It has been pointed out to me that I am clearly a masochist, since I willingly put myself through the Marines, and followed that by going directly into university for an engineering discipline.

Either way, here I am, and this is where I’m at in life now. I love Star Wars, anime, working on cool projects, gaming, and paddle boarding. I also spend a good amount of my free time learning the Japanese language; I find it fascinating.

My Goals


I love anime. I watch lots of it. I aim to provide blogging and plot analysis on my favorite shows in conjunction with my YouTube channel. I also aim to provide reviews on any shows that I watch. I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me! If there are any shows that you have requests for, be sure to click the button below and get in contact with me!

Tech Projects

As I’ve already mentioned, I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. A few things that go along with that: I’m decent at math, I like seeing how things work, and I like building fun projects. I want to take everyone along for the ride! In conjunction with my YouTube channel, the DIY guides for the projects I am working on will be published here! If you have any requests for certain projects, or questions about a project that I have done, click the button below and get in contact with me!


I have an Xbox One X, a PS4, and a Nintento Switch. I’ve been playing Xbox since the original Xbox came out. Halo was my first game, so Halo holds a special place for me. I got a PS4 mainly to play the exclusives. For the most part, I play multi-platform games and multiplayer games on Xbox One X, and I play Japanese games and exclusives on PS4. I just recently got the Switch, and I love it so far! It’s very unique. I don’t care to participate in console wars. I think all three consoles are fantastic machines. When I play games, I’ll post about them here, so be sure to check out my posts!           

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